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InfiniteEdge is a software product that indicates to the user the best time to exchange money from one currency to another. The indicator works on the Euro-Rand, Dollar-Rand, Pound-Rand, Australian Dollar-Rand, Swiss Frank-Rand, Danish Krona-Rand, Rand-Japanese Yen and New Zealand Dollar-Rand currency pairs. It gives a Long-term, Medium-term and Short-term view of the market.



Are you currently basing your foreign exchange decisions on:

  • Gut feel?
  • Simply changing when cash flow allows?
  • Unreliable and inefficient models?
  • Exchanging on a specific time and date each week?
  • Conflicting Fundamental Newsletters and Reports?

InfiniteEdge gives you the Mathematical Advantage.
We believe that it is possible to know when it is a good time to exchange between currencies. We believe that it is possible to have a system that helps you decide when to exchange. We believe that the Forex experience can be a positive one!

Advantages of using InfiniteEdge

  • You are in control / power.
  • It takes human emotion out of the equation.
  • It is a defensive model
  • User Friendly
  • Bank relationship is unaffected.
  • Enables you to make a more accurate decision in 20 sec.
  • It has a proven mathematical EDGE.

I have been responsible for Forex at Hi-Tec Sports since 2001.  The idea is not to gamble with Forex as our main focus of business is selling shoes and therefore we would always buy forward cover for at least six months.  The biggest problem is when to buy? InfiniteEdge has changed my life.  Since using the program and sticking to our original decision of not gambling with Forex it became very easy to establish targets.

Esme Coetzee
Financial Manager - South Africa Hi-Tec Sports Distributors (Pty) Ltd. Client since June 2012.